1. The client must provide a full, complete and correct venue address for the artiste(s).
2. This agency operates a policy of zero tolerance toward abuse: any abuse directed towards any of our artiste(s) at the event will result in the immediate termination of the service and the loss to the client of any fees paid. Similarly we will not tolerate any abuse on the telephone and any abuse could also result in the termination of the service and the loss to the client of any fees paid.
3. The client must provide a phone number for contact on the day of the event – we may need contact and clarification of issues and must be able to contact the client on the day of the event during the day and the artiste(s) must be able to make contact with the client during the day as well as at the time of the event. Should an event not take place because the agency or the artiste(s) could not contact the client on the event day then the deposit fee is forfeited by the client.
4. The artiste(s) must be paid all due fees on arrival at the event. The artiste(s) fees must be paid to them in cash.
5. The client will always pay an agreed and nonreturnable deposit payment in advance of the event unless by specific and special arrangement with the agency. However, in the event of the artiste(s) failing to commit to the event, then the agency undertakes to return the deposit payment with 14 working days of the event date.
6. Cancellations: should the client wish to cancel the event then they undertake to inform the agency as soon as possible. All cancellations result in the loss of the deposit payment. Cancellations made seven days or less before the date of the event are liable for the full fee.
7. This agency is an adult entertainment agency and the artiste(s) provided and the acts that they perform are of an adult nature and consequently both the client and the target audience must be aged 18 or over and the client undertakes to ensure that this is so.
8. None of the artiste(s) provided by this agency will perform any kind of sex act. Requests of this nature will result in the immediate termination of the service and the loss to the client of any fees paid including the deposit payment.
9. Whilst this agency undertakes to make every effort to ensure that the client’s first choices of artiste(s) are provided to them, this agency reserves the right to provide replacement artiste(s) should circumstances make this essential.
10. Whilst this agency undertakes to make every effort to ensure the client’s ideal choice of time of performance, this agency recommends that the client books a time-window (the earliest ideal time and the latest ideal time) and this agency reserves the right to change the time of the performance if absolutely necessary and in this circumstance every effort will be made to inform the client with as much notice as possible of any changes.
11. The agency will not undertake a duty to take action on behalf of the client in the event of dissatisfaction on the part of the client unless this is communicated to the agency at the time of the booking when the artiste(s) are still present at the venue. To this end the agency undertakes to make all reasonable efforts to be available on the telephone at the time of the client’s booking.
12. This agency operates in the UK under UK law and we remind clients that racism is unacceptable and may result in the termination of service if this agency considers that the artiste(s) may in danger of racial abuse or harassment and on this issue the agency decision is final.
13. Whilst every precaution is taken by this agency, we will not accept responsibility for any behaviour by the artiste(s).
14. This agency accepts short notice and same day bookings but bookings made less than four hours before the event time are subject to a £10-00 fee regardless of the provision of the artiste(s) and this fee will be retained from the deposit payment. The agency undertakes to return the remainder of the deposit payment with 14 working days of the event date.

If you’ve any questions or issues then do please call for discussion and clarification.