How do I go about making a booking?

Booking with Party Traffic is easy. We usually take all of the details of the phones, so when you know what you want, whereabout and when then just give me a phone call. We need your contact details (and an additional contact and mobile phone number for on the day), the venue details, what you’d like to book and we also take a deposit payment. The deposit payment you can make over the phone on a credit or debit card (we take all major cards expect for Amex); or you can send a cheque or postal orders; or internet banking; or even cash into the bank account if you need to pay by cash – as long as the deposit payment is cleared through the business bank account prior to the booking then that’s fine. We recommend that you read through our terms and conditions before making your booking.

How much notice do I need to give for a booking?

Most people book on the week of the booking and so our agency is setup to cater for short notice and same day bookings. It’s always worth making a phone call to us no matter how short the notice because we’ve artistes working across the country every night and so we’ve very probably one in your area.