kissagram/stripagram these can have different spellings – so kissogram / stripogram or kissergram / strippergram: These are all pretty much the same service. They’re prefect for the person celebrating their special occasion. The stripper will make sure that they are made a special fuss of and taken into the front or into the middle of their group of friends and family. So it’s usually a performance in front of the whole party and for everyone to enjoy but is only interactive between the stripper and the special person.

We always recommend that you speak with the stripper before their performance because all of the strippers have their own special  tricks and performances. Usually there is a bit of striptease, baby oil, dance and party games.

Their performance will depend on the nature of the party: is it a family party with children and grandparents so just good fun. A more adult party can be a little more risqué.

The strippers can keep their performance tame and light hearted, or more comic and funny. Perhaps you want the stripper to show off all their moves and see a really sexy show. Or – usually on a stag night! –  you might want to see the person given a hard time and a good old spanking!

So please speak with your stripper before their performance and make sure that they know what you want and that their performance is right for you.

Of course some parties choose to have no stripping at all – just a giggle and a saucy costume. Most parties appreciate at least a partial strip.

Stripper shows: Almost always a strip tease show which involves nudity. Stripper shows are only for private venues closed off from any members of the public other than their own party. This stripper show performance can be focused just on one person or can be a performance round the room involving all of the party members. Often though a little bit of both with the stripper dancing round the room and also pulling in one or two audience members for a fun routine as well.

Or if you are wanting to book a full hen show or ladies nights then you can book a full evening of entertainment which are only for adult audiences in a private venue.

They are great for fund raising (football clubs raising money for the new season’s kit, charity promotional evenings, etc.); for the works annual/Christmas do; or for corporate occassions. Also more traditionally for friends on a Hen or Bachelorette evening.

It’s good to have a drag artiste or drag queen to compere your show as well as the male strippers, but this depends on you and you can book whatever your taste and budget chooses. When organising your hen we offer absolute flexibility and can produce a package to suit all venues and budgets. Whether you require only one male or a full package with a drag queen/compere and many male strippers, then we can cater for you. Your choice will depend on whether you are an intimate party in a private house or selling 500 tickets to fill a function hall: we’ll always be able to advise on the most suitable acts for your evening.

We cater for all audiences and budgets with a range of options including:

  • Male strippers – one, two, three or more depending on ticket sales;
  • Male strippers performing one strip spot or two strips each through the evening;
  • Drag queen or Drag artistes with one, two or more Male Strippers;
  • G string Barmen and Waiters, meet and greet hosts